When I first met Myself today
he was so much like me,
if he had a fault
(perish the thought)
’twas none that I could see.

We connected in a moment.
We both knew instantly.
In the mirror,
It was clear:
He was my Destiny.

I felt the elation everyone feels
upon meeting me.
It’s such a high
even the Sky
dreams of it enviously.

There was a sense of awe
to be alone with Me so near.
What lofty state
could be so great
as Me finding my Peer?

It can be lonely at the Top,
but as he too deserves applause,
my daily round
of knocking down
is for a Higher Cause.

He agreed with me wholeheartedly
those little things called “Laws”
are for the sorts
who commit torts
not us, who no wrong do at all.

And wondered how the FBI
could possibly pursue
one so stable,
of crime, like me and you?

Or, how the DOJ could show
such slavish loyalty
to the Nation’s
instead of you and me.

I told him, gratefully, that he
was preaching to the choir
and that the way
to win the day
was: find someone to hire

As Mueller’s boss, who’d gently put
some limits on the fire.
Someone, like
Nunes, but who might
have a brain and could conspire

To make the whole thing go away!

Some lawyers, … BAD ones …, I forget their names,
say Sue! since our false Fake News claims,
sent in our tweets
and lie repeats,
the free press has defamed
and honest staffers, shamed?

‘Tis just preposterous! Can they
think ANYONE’s the right, with facts,
to question
anything I say
or counter my attacks?

They libeled ME. It’s plain to see!
They got what they deserved:
a good tongue-lashing,
some finger-smashing,
and Truth, thankfully, interred.